Fodder yeast

Fodder yeast is a unique biologically active product optimally saturated with protein and amino acids, micronutrients and vitamins, and other valuable substances. Fodder yeast included to animal diet makes them more healthy, viable and enduring. Growth of young animals is accelerated, nutritional value and livestock product volume is increased. Fodder yeast perfectly compensates for high quality protein deficiencies in animal husbandry. It is used as a separate supplement or as a balancing component by feed industry. Fodder yeast contains protein which consists of all amino acids vital to animals. It also includes nearly complete B-vitamin complex as well as useful hormones, enzymes and a number of micronutrients. Fodder yeast is recommended as an essential diet component mostly for poultry, pigs of all ages, young cattle, and fur-bearing animals. Its consumers are pig farms, poultry factories, fur companies, and individual farms.