Catalysis Petsline

  • Nutritional preparations and food supplements for optimal health of your best friend. We want to prevent and combat the health problems of your pets, so you can enjoy a healthy life with them.  We want to help your pet have optimal health and stay in shape every day. The best products to help strengthen the animal’s health and prevent disease. Protect your pets from most risks and take care of their health so that they grow healthy, strong and happy.
  • CATALYSIS uses molecular activation technology in the production of its products. It increases the biological activity and biochemical reactivity of molecules, without modifying their structure.
    This allows them to produce an enhanced therapeutic effect without using concentrations that can generate unwanted side effects for organisms. Below, we provide a list of the products that make up the CATALYSIS PETS line, specifying the active ingredients and their main effects on the patients who consume them.
  • Please visit the product pages on our website: OCOXIN PETS RENALOF PETS DIAMEL PETS VIUSID PETS